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Our Mission
We’ve created a unique kind of aviation support and sales company: One that focuses on helping our Customers find experience and expertise along with the answers and assistance they require.

Sales brokerage and acquisition services, plus so much more! Our business approach is a client-focused Aviation Service and Consulting Business, as the foundation from which sales, brokerage services, and aircraft management opportunities can naturally evolve. "If we do a great job of taking care of you, as an owner and customer, we believe we’ll earn the opportunity as well as your trust in order to represent you as a buyer or seller "says President Rick Rossner. After all, who’s better suited to maximize value for you at trade-up time than a company that solidly supports you with creditability and expertise from the very beginning?”

One phone call to OTAS gives customers access to an incredible range of services and expertise based on years of experience in the business. OTAS is your access point to general and business aviation’s most complete range of aircraft management, consulting, and brokerage professionals.

Aircraft Appraisals
OakTree Aviation Services is an affiliated member of the National Association of Aircraft Appraisers. Dedicated to the creditable and fair execution of every aircraft evaluation, from vintage to late model business jets including experimental and home built.

President, Rick Rossner is a USPAP Endorsed Aircraft Appraiser with experience appraising piston, turbo-prop, pure jet, and Airline Transport Aircraft. Rick is a Senior Member of the Professional Aircraft Appraisers Organization (PAAO) and has over 30 years of professional flying experience.

With offices located in both Central & Southern California we are easily dispatched to all parts of California and the Western United States, not to mention national or World-Wide Aircraft Appraisals either in-house or by referral.

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