Helicopters Are A Different Breed of Cat!

All Aircraft Appraisers are not created equal! Appraising Helo's involve a great deal more industry and model expertise. A helicopter has a lot more working parts, which is why the appraiser needs to be more experienced and knowledgeable about time/life limited parts as well as the countless upgrades and STCs that are available these days.

DonÕt sell yourself or the value of the subject helicopter short, by settling for a canned or non specific valuation from the Aircraft Price Digest or Vref option. They're just not that accurate nor do they individually evaluate the subject aircraft in itÕs current market value and condition. If youÕre buying, selling, looking to finance, potential litigation, asset value verification, donating, or you just wish to stay in touch with the ever changing market value of your Helicopter, you really owe it to yourself to know the current and real value!

These days the aircraft market is very fluid and constantly changing, which means it pays to keep tabs on the real-time market conditions of your aircraft of interest, collateral, or asset value, or potential risks can be substantial.

Our Helicopter Appraisers have the necessary tools, training, and experience, of which to accomplish several different appraisal types and options including our standard Certified and USPAP Compliant Helicopter Appraisals. We are well qualified to accurately evaluate and appraise most models from the unique antique, experimental, & warbirds both piston and turbin powered models.

We stand poised to serve northern, central, and southern California as well as our western region Clients with office locations in both central and southern California. We specialize in a fast turn-around-response and our appraisals are based on current market standards and real-time conditions, plus we can also research retrospective dates and times for retrospective opinions (at Clients request).

Whether itÕs an Appraisal assignment here in our home state of California, or anywhere in the United States as well as around the world we can quickly dispatch to the subject aircraftÕs location, and subsequently release a certified, professional, and throughly documented appraisal report into our Clients hands in just a few hours or days.

Call us now or Click below to use our Appraisal Information Request Form today and weÕll be happy to explain our fast and easy program, plus we can quote youÕre Appraisal price right on the spot!

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