Aircraft Market Analysis - The Right Way to Choose

The Quick & Inexpensive Appraisal Alternative

The Aircraft Market Analysis option is used to inform owners, buyers, sellers, and collateral holders of the estimated value of the subject aircraft.  This process can be much more accurate than a Book Value ~since the "actual condition" and “actual equipment” of the aircraft will be fully considered. The Aircraft Analysis itself has a substantially lower cost than a fully Certified Appraisal because the Appraiser does not actually visit and inspect the subject aircraft.

Owner Rick Rossner states, “If the option of an Aircraft Market Analysis is the right solution for you then not only can you save money, but we can do the analysis on any aircraft from anywhere in the world, and do so digitally, with no travel or inspections necessary. We can also get started on the report immediately, or as soon as the Client supplies us with the Aircraft’s data.”

You the client are responsible for providing and verifying the accuracy of the subject Aircraft's information used to derive the estimated value of the aircraft.  OakTree Aviation Services LLC will provide a form for gathering the required data as well as instructions and how-to’s for "assessing the condition of major components" “interior and exterior cosmetics” etc.  A Market Analysis does have limited usefulness and cannot be used in lieu of a full appraisal, for the purposes of obtaining financing, tax and legal disputes, or for donation purposes.  It is however, an inexpensive way to develop a fair actual market value estimate based on the actual subject aircraft’s condition, times, and equipment. 

Once we receive the required data from the Client, the data will be checked for accuracy and completeness.  The data will then be processed using the same proprietary software and databases that are used for a Certified Appraisal. The final Market Analysis report is very similar to a Certified Appraisal with the caveat of, the Client having provided the data, along with the fact that the Aircraft Appraiser has not physically visited, inspected, and verified the condition of aircraft and that of its equipment, and times, therefore the report cannot be certified or verified.

You will do a self inspection of your aircraft, which will include the following information: 

  • Aircraft Registration and Ownership
  • Maintenance Records,  including  Airworthiness Directives
  • Damage History and Repairs
  • Airframe Condition and Modifications
  • Engine and Propeller Records and Modifications
  • Interior, Avionics, and Instrumentation Inventory and condition
  • De-Ice, and Safety Equipment
  • Additional Equipment

Please contact us for further information and prices and we’ll be happy to further explain the option that best suits your current needs.

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