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Our business approach is a client-focused aviation consulting business as the foundation from which sales and brokerage opportunities can naturally evolve. 75% of our business is based on referrals and return customers, which is a great place to start. "If we do a great job of taking care of you, as an owner and customer, we believe we'll earn the opportunity as well as your trust to represent you as a buyer or seller, "says President Rick Rossner. After all, who's better suited to maximize value for you at a trade-up time than a company that solidly supports you with creditability and expertise from the very beginning!" One phone call to OakTree Aviation Services gives customers access to an incredible range of services and expertise!

Sales & Brokerage Services:

If you are considering the purchase of your aircraft, OakTree Aviation Services can maximize your value with a quick, smooth, and confidential transaction. When the speed of sale is paramount, we can purchase your aircraft for our inventory. We have sold and purchased many types of corporate and general aviation aircraft. Our experience in operating and maintaining a wide range of aircraft brings value when professionally completing your sale. You can use our worldwide sales support and expertise to:

Define your requirements

  • Survey the current market for competition
  • Assess your aircraft's strengths versus the competition
  • Suggest appropriate pricing and conditions
  • Develop an aircraft technical package
  • Create multi-media promotional materials
  • Promote the aircraft with print, Website, and direct marketing
  • Respond to inquiries and conduct sales presentations
  • Coordinate all viewings and demonstrations
  • Convey, advise, and negotiate offers, deposit escrow, and purchase agreement
  • Assist your advisors on aviation and aircraft matters
  • Coordinate technical inspection facility, scope, standards, and conditions
  • Parallel discrepancy remediation and delivery procedures
  • Assist with acceptance, escrow, closing, delivery, and bill of sale documentation

TBM 900

TBM 900