Gulfstream GIV wide-body business Jet

Additional Support and Consulting Services

Additional Information

Title Services: Working along with the bank, OTAS can obtain a title search of the subject aircraft and its engines (if needed).  Some aircraft will require a search of the aircraft's records with the International Registry (IR) as well.  At closing, OTAS will ensure that all records have been identified and obtained before funds are transferred so that the bank can successfully record their lien interests.

Buyer's/Seller's Closing Agent: Simple issues can cause unnecessary delays in closing the deal and in the worst case scenario it can prohibit the bank from successfully recording their lien.  As the Buyers/Banks Closing Agent, OTAS ensures that the proper documents are completed by all parties, signed correctly and the bank's lien is successfully recorded without delay.

Bank Collateral Inspection: OTAS is able to provide Bank or lein holder collateral inspections on a regular predeturmined basis or a one-time inspection. We will provide you with an initial Aircraft Appraisal, or an updated Appraisal (if OTAS has provided an earlier Appraisal with-in the last year). Call us for more information.

Log Book Replication: The loss of log books can have a serious impact on the aircraft's value.  The Log Book Replication Service digitizes log book records for storage and easy retrieval.  It is most effective when coupled with an Appraisal Report or Collateral Inspection.