Aircraft Buyers Agent Services & Aircraft Acquisitions

Further Explained

Having someone to represent your interests is a must in today’s aircraft marketplace. The average age of the general aviation fleet is 30 + years. There are a large number of potential pitfalls for an inexperienced purchaser to navigate. And, in addition to being inexperienced, many buyers can’t afford the time away from their work that is required to make a successful purchase.

For the past 30+ years, OakTree Aviation Services LLC has been setting the standard in Aviation Consulting and Aircraft Acquisitions, and Aircraft Appraisal Services.

OakTree Aviation Service’s Buyers Agent Service will represent you – and only you - in the purchase of your next Aircraft. Many aircraft purchasers fall into the trap of believing that an aircraft broker or salesperson is acting in their best interest. In reality, that can’t happen. The salesperson is committed to doing the best job for his or her client. He can’t work for both sides at the same time and do so in your unbiased Agent.

OakTree Aviation Services works for you, the purchaser. We pledge (see our Buyers Agent Ethics) to work solely for our client throughout the entire purchase process. From assisting you in determining which Aircraft will suit your needs to the closing on the Aircraft you decide to buy, our Qualified Buyers Agent will be there to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

What will a Buyers Agent do for you? Buying an aircraft is hard work if it is to be done right and produce positive, reliable results. Most people who are in the aircraft market don’t know the mandatory steps that must take place before signing on the dotted line. Others are in too much of a hurry to get the whole process over with. An OTAS Buyers Agent will discuss all aspects of your aircraft purchase with you before beginning the aircraft search process so there will be a clear understanding of the type of Aircraft you are looking for as well as the essential component make-up that you would like to see and your budgeting requirements.

Next, our Buyers Agent will go out and search the market place for Aircraft that will meet your needs pairing that with your stated budget requirements. This can be time consuming depending on the condition of the market itself. If there are a large number of Aircraft of the make and model you are looking for on the market, the Buyers Agent must develop and sift through information on each of them to determine which may be the most suitable for your application. Further investigation of each Aircraft’s background is made so the Agent can locate the best of the group and then determine which of those he should personally inspect.

However, this research is only part of the job. After a particular candidate aircraft that seems to fit the mold as tightly as possible, is identified, there is more investigation and research to be done regarding the Aircraft’s history, maintenance, and ownership. Our Buyers Agent will thoroughly research the Aircraft, inspect it personally, write an NAAA Certified Appraisal Report, and advise you on negotiations that are taking place for its purchase.

He or she will also arrange for a thorough pre-purchase inspection, and the following completion of that inspection and our Buyers Agent will follow the deal through its closing to ensure that the ownership is recorded correctly.

In those few words it seems like a simple process, but in reality it is not. As stated earlier, buying an airplane takes hard work if it is to produce positive results, and our Buyers Agent will step through the process, keeping you informed along the way, seeking your input and authorization for the final purchase agreement.

An aircraft dealer or broker doesn’t provide this level of service and works for his client, the seller. Our Buyers Agent works for you, the buyer. His priority is to find you the Aircraft that most suits your needs and to negotiate the best deal possible on that Aircraft.

Our Buyers Agent will take no kickbacks, or other consideration from other people, guaranteeing you that your best interest is his best interest.